KMI & TGP Organized Fire Rated Glazing Systems Seminar for Royal Commission , Bechtel and K & A at Intercontinental Hotel-Jubail

KMI and TGP arranged for a Seminar and they invited Royal Commission Engineering and Architects, Bechtel, and Khatib and Alami consultant.

75 Engineers attended to the Seminar, moreover, we discussed the features of our systems, Designer Series, aluminum Series, Heat Barrier, and Curtain Wall, applications of each system, and the necessary tests to be passed, like the Fire Test and Hose Stream Test.

The major subject was the difference between the European and American test, and how to identify the codes on the UL Label, like the Rate of Fire, Hose Stream Test, Impact Test and the Temperature Rise.

At the end, we expect to cover the country during 2020, moreover, to share the feature of our products with the consultants, owners, and governmental departments, in order to open a new channels to the sales team, for more revenue.