About Us

About Us

Al Kuhaimi Group

Over the past forty years, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed a lifetime’s growth and development – on a scale rarely seen in any country in the world. Saudi Arabia is blessed with abundant natural resources. The country’s visionary government, by maintaining stability and security in the Kingdom, has allowed for the proper use of its capabilities and potential. By establishing the infrastructures and systems necessary, the Kingdom has achieved some uniquely challenging development goals. Al Kuhaimi Group of Companies founded in 1975 with the initial establishment of Al Kuhaimi Metal Industries in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The growth and stability of the Saudi market various sectors necessitated that the Group reacts to the vast and booming market opportunities. The Group now serves sectors in construction, security solutions, information technology, water Treatment, oil & gas, process industries and contracting. In doing so, and right from the start, servicing clients with quality products followed by after sales service has been a proudly sustained policy of the Group.

Al Kuhaimi Group companies now cover diverse products and services in its portfolio as outlined in the website pages to come: Al Kuhaimi Metal Industries ‘KMI’ (engineering and manufacturing of quality metal products & fabrication), Al Kuhaimi Advanced Electronic Systems ‘KAES’ (security systems integration, audio-video & communication systems), SARIYA IT Co. LTD. (provides end-to-end IT products distribution and services), SINAM INT’L  (provides IT infrastructure solutions & application software), Technology Products & Services Co. ‘TPS’ (serves the oil & gas, water, and petrochemical sectors by providing reputed products and services),Remote Logistics Arabia LTD. ‘RLA’ (provides logistics & catering services to mainly offshore oil & gas installations), Arabian Technical Construction Company Ltd. ‘ATCC’ (is an experienced general contracting company).

We continue to successfully provide our clients with products and services through the Group offices in Dammam, Khobar, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, and Cairo, in addition to a wide network of distributors.

As part of the Group’s community contribution, developments of human resources through training and balanced recruiting policies always had a prominent consideration in the Group and continue to be so. Furthermore, the Group continues to expand its commitment to the community. We humbly participate in activities and contributions that serve the community for good causes, not forgetting to care for the environment at large.

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